My Story

My Story

My name is Ben Nawn and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my portfolio and how my life has unfolded throughout my young career. I am an aspiring broadcaster from Concord, New Hampshire and have been wanting to become the next Al Michaels ever since I was a young kid playing video games and turning the volume down so I could call the game. Throughout this path that I have decided to take I have dealt with adversity. I have looked at the game tape and been able to critique myself so badly that I thought to myself, “What am I doing?” Yet, I have been able to develop into a man who strives for greatness and that is what I’ll continue to do. What separates me from others? More than the average human being. I wake up and work my tail off to chase down a dream regardless of what stands in my way.

Experience is everything and I am not going to sugar coat it, I have done a lot. From working ESPN Monday Night Football games to traveling to cover UNH football in San Diego, my love and passion has brought me new adventures. My freshman year was the most important year of my life where I was hired by UNH athletic’s to work in the production department and bring fans the ultimate experience. As time has gone on, the department has progressed from a one-camera stream to ESPN3-type productions. Getting myself involved within UNH productions guided me to 91.3 FM WUNH Durham (the local student-run radio station). Here I developed my identity, “No Nawnsense.” This has stuck for years now and with a lot of help, I have developed into a strong on-air personality. After three years, I was chosen as the new sports director and led my team to another promising year where almost every sport here on campus was covered. Most importantly, I have been able to guide and develop students to showcase their love for sports and take the next step towards their ultimate goals just like myself.

I started broadcasting in 2013, and upon graduation at the University of New Hampshire, I am happy to say I have successfully broadcasted every sport on campus. I became another UNH hockey play-by-play announcer and continued a thirty-year plus tradition. I have shaken new hands, gotten important numbers and emails, but most importantly made people smile. It is a process and as time continues to pass by I know my love and passion for sport won’t go away.

I have even learned how to write effectively after joining the student-run newspaper “The New Hampshire” in my junior year. From interviewing former UNH-alums Jackie MacMullen and Jack Edwards, I not only have improved as a journalist, but have gotten the right words of encouragement from some of the best today. I believe it is the full package that you are trying to obtain and writing is the backbone of that.

At UNH, I did well in school. Ending with over a 3.0, I did my very best to juggle my extracurriculars and workload. Being a part-time worker and individual I woke up every morning to finish my other job that kept me financially afloat in college. It was the first step I took in the morning to striving for greatness. It threw me into reality, and I’m thankful for that. At school, I also became a brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity that my grandfather once was in. Another tradition that I continued, but more importantly it bound me with new friends. I know when receiving that cap and gown I will look back at this school and say I created a path for myself that hopefully someday others will follow. I left my mark.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and watching sports as a fan. I am apart of Red Sox nation and recognize that I am a spoiled Boston sports fan. I enjoy family, watching movies, and working out at the gym.

Moving forward means only new challenges and achievements will come about. I hope to work in the sports industry someday and more specifically with a professional organization. I know that my enthusiasm, work ethic, and talent will benefit those who are interested. I won’t rest until I get where I want to be. Moving up the ranks and making a name for yourself is a part of that, and I’m ready to take the test. Welcome to my life, I appreciate you becoming a part of it.

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